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Air Filtration Systems and Air Purifiers in Modesto, CA

Many Modesto families don’t realize this, but their indoor air quality can be worse of that outdoors. This is particularly true if you don’t have the right indoor air quality systems in place. Fortunately, here at Greenhart, we put the customer and their home first, finding the best ways to reduce energy use and loss while optimizing home comfort.

One way we do this is through the installation and service of whole home air purification and filtration systems. Air purification systems and air filtration systems are key to eliminating contaminants that threaten the air you breathe, such as dust, pollen, and even mold spores or other bacteria. We work with a wide variety of systems, even including the UV air purifier—aka the UV germicidal light.

To learn more about the powerful benefits of air filtration systems and air purifiers in Modesto, CA, reach out to Greenhart today. Live green, save green!

Modesto, CA Air Filtration Installation

Your HVAC systems come with an air filter within them. But did you know this type of air filter does little to protect your indoor air quality? This type of air filter is in place to protect the interior components of the cooling or heating system itself. For true indoor air quality protection, you need a whole-house air filtration installation.
Each type of air filtration and air purification system has its own purpose, suited for eliminating a specific group of contaminants from your indoor air in the most efficient way possible. It’s important that your new system is matched to your specific needs so that you don’t find yourself paying more than necessary for indoor comfort. Our air filtration and purifier installations include the PureAir S, the Carbon Clean 16 and the Clean Air 11. We’ll help you choose the right one for your needs while keeping costs low.

MODESTO, CA Air Filtration Replacement

Have you noticed that despite the indoor air quality systems you have in place, your family is beginning to suffer from allergies, or your Modesto area property is showing signs of issues related to IAQ, such as mold growth or musty odors?
It may be time to consider an air filtration replacement. There is a variety to choose from for your air filtration and purifier needs. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you might have. We know there are a number of options available on the market, and that can be overwhelming. Working with a team who specializes in finding immediate indoor air and home comfort solutions is the best way to ensure an improved indoor living experience.

mODESTO, ca aIR pURIFIER AND Air Filtration Repair

Just like any other piece of home comfort equipment, your air filtration system will experience wear and tear. As part of air filtration maintenance, air filters need to be changed out every 1-3 months to prevent them from getting too clogged up and restricting airflow. The same goes for whole-house air filtration and air purification systems.

If for any reason you feel your air filtration system isn’t working as it should despite proper care and maintenance, it’s likely time to call our Modesto, CA service professionals for reliable air filtration repair. Contact us today!

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