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Wi-Fi/Smart Thermostats in Modesto, CA

What if we told you there’s a small but very important component that is preventing your heating and cooling systems from performing as efficiently as they could, and it’s probably the easiest component there is to upgrade? We’re talking about your thermostat. Many homes in Modesto, CA and beyond are still using basic digital thermostats, or even worse they’re still using manual slider thermostats.

With features like automatic temperature adjustments, programmability, and zone control for your HVAC systems, you’d do well to consider upgrading to a Wi-Fi or smart thermostat. These thermostats enable families to have precision control with their heating and cooling systems, achieving optimal comfort without paying tens of thousands of dollars to do so—nowhere near that, actually!

To learn more about the excellent benefits of Wi-Fi and smart thermostats in Modesto, CA, contact Greenhart today. Live green, save green!

Wi-Fi Thermostat Installation in modesto, ca

Why do our Modesto service professionals recommend a Wi-Fi thermostat installation or smart thermostat as part of your overall smart home solution? Your thermostat is the brain of your HVAC systems. If it’s not sending the right signals to those systems, it will leave you heating and cooling your home inefficiently, and therefore paying more than you should on your utility bills.

Just like any other thermostat, you want to ensure that your Wi-Fi thermostat installation is done correctly. Putting it in a sunny or excessively cool spot in your home can impact its readings, and will disallow it from working as efficiently as it could. As a result, you’ll be paying more to use your HVAC systems, even if there’s nothing wrong with them. Be sure to reach out to our professionals for more information.

modesto, ca Wi-Fi Thermostat Replacement

Perhaps in recent years you’ve made the change from a manual slider or basic digital thermostat to a programmable thermostat. That is great news for your system efficiency. But why not take it one step further with a Wi-Fi thermostat replacement? This will give you even more in comfort and savings.

Wi-Fi and smart thermostats enable homeowners to get automated reports about operational problems, adjust programs and operating schedules remotely from an app on their phone, and smart thermostats even have features like letting you use automated features to set reminders, make lists, and more. Adding a Wi-Fi or smart thermostat to your Modesto area home lets you utilize the latest technology while bringing your energy bills down and your comfort levels up!

Wi-Fi Thermostat Repair in modesto, ca

Similar to any other home comfort appliance or device, thermostats accumulate wear and tear over the years due to their use. At some point, yours might experience a problem that causes you to need Wi-Fi thermostat repair.

If you feel like your Wi-Fi or smart thermostat isn’t reading the temperature of the room or your home correctly or you’ve had to make adjustments to no avail, it could mean repairs are necessary. Fortunately, Wi-Fi thermostat repair is relatively simple compared to other HVAC repair needs you could need. Start boosting your energy efficiency and comfort today with a well-kept Wi-Fi or smart thermostat.

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