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Understanding Air Conditioning System Efficiency Ratings

Monday, September 21st, 2020

We aim to help our customers save money while enjoying comfort. We put it in our slogan: “Live Green, Save Green.” One of the ways to save money while helping the environment is to invest in HVAC equipment with improved energy efficiency. The more efficient a device, the less energy it consumes to provide comfortable temperatures for a household. There’s also less energy taken from power plants, which helps everyone to live greener.

This is why we encourage looking into high-efficiency air conditioning in Modesto, CA. We’re going to examine the efficiency ratings of modern air conditioning systems and what they mean—as well as how to ensure they make a difference for you, since a high-efficiency rating isn’t a guarantee of savings, although it puts you on the right path.

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Energy Efficiency Tips for Summer

Monday, July 13th, 2020

Stay cool during summer is one thing, doing so without having egregious energy bills is another. If you are finding yourself questioning if you want to turn on your air conditioner or save your money, it means that you may need to take some time to make sure you are optimizing your energy efficiency as much as you can.

You shouldn’t have to choose between staying comfortable and keeping your home cool. We have some tips to help you enjoy the best of both options in this case.

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