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Are high electric bills keeping you from giving your family the comfort they deserve?

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Go Green, then go Solar.

Going solar can be an affordable option for you home. If your home is already operating efficiently, solar will eliminate your energy cost. One thing to ask yourself when considering solar: Is my house ready for solar? At Greenhart we preach, “Reduce before you produce.” Solar panels are very expensive.

The larger your energy needs, the more panels you will have to buy. Consider making energy upgrades that will reduce energy needs and improve the comfort of your home before you install solar. Once these improvements have been made, your solar project will be less expensive and your home will be more enjoyable for you and your family.

Solar panels work by harnessing sunlight, turning it into energy, and converting that energy into electricity; which is then used to power a home. There are a lot of tax incentives available to homeowners who opt for solar. Our goal is to help every homeowner enjoy the benefits of solar electricity. However, we understand that solar is one of the last steps in creating a more comfortable, energy efficient home.

complete solar system special
complete solar system special

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