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How do I qualify for rebates?

Most homes automatically qualify for rebates. All you need to do is choose a company like Greenhart. We are certified for the rebate programs (Which is important, not many companies are certified to get you the rebates). We will help you perform energy efficient projects and get you money to help offset the costs. Rebates are generally provided by utility companies and companies who manufacture things, like appliances. They provide these rebates to help you make your home more energy efficient. At Greenhart, we process all of the paperwork and documentation for you. Once we have completed your energy efficient project, you can just kick back and wait for the money to be sent to you.

Which energy efficient improvement will give me the most “bang for my buck”?

In our experience, adding insulation to your attic or sealing your ductwork will get you the “biggest bang”. These items are inexpensive and they offer substantially offsetting rebates. Items like high efficient air conditioners get you the largest rebates, but the cost to replace these items can be expensive. The most popular rebate packages tend to include both air conditioners and insulation. These rebates can be thousands of dollars.

Will these upgrades increase the value of my home? If so, by how much?

That’s a tricky one…energy efficiency improvements, especially on larger items like solar and HVAC, certainly add to the value of a home. The tricky part is determining how much. The increase in value can vary based on an appraiser’s opinion, local comparisons, and the current market.

How long does it take to complete an energy upgrade job?

95% of our projects take between one to three days to complete. The time frame all depends on the amount of improvements you choose to make.

What is the average monthly savings after completing a home energy upgrade? Or potential savings?

Most projects save homeowners about 15-20% on their utility bills. This is an average based on two years’ worth of Greenhart project data.

Is financing available for home energy efficiency upgrades?

We offer a number of financing options to help achieve your goals. We can guide you through your options and help facilitate all of the processing. Please visit our financing page for more details.

I live in a newer home, shouldn’t my home already be energy efficient?

New energy codes have helped increase construction standards. This means higher efficiency homes. However, production homes built at such a fast pace may have minor mistakes and poor building decisions. These can have horrible effects of the performance of a house. Don’t always assume new is better. A quick conversation with a Greenhart consultant will help confirm whether your homes is sitting pretty.

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