Energy Efficient Heating And Air

Are high electric bills keeping you from giving your family the comfort they deserve?


Heating and cooling costs account for over half of most home’s energy bills.

If you are looking to save money every month and improve the comfort level in your home, make improvements to your home’s heating, air conditioning, and ductwork system.


Staying cool is expensive! Your air conditioner is probably the largest energy-consuming appliance in your home. These units units have two jobs: cool your home and remove unwanted moisture. An improperly sized AC unit can create numerous issues that will compromise your comfort and prevent your AC from performing properly.

Bigger is not better! The most common sizing mistake when it comes to air conditioning units is oversizing. An oversized air conditioner will operate inefficiently by using an excessive amount of energy – more than what is needed to cool the home. Oversized systems also have a tendency to turn on and off too quickly. Because oversized air conditioners reach their cooling requirement quickly, then shut off, they don’t run long enough to remove humidity from the inside air. High inside humidity prevents your home from ever achieving an enjoyable comfort level.

On the other end of the spectrum, a cooling system that is too small is equally inefficient. Air conditioning units that are too small will run continuously yet never cool your home enough to keep you comfortable. People with undersized air conditioning units can end up buying and running fans or installing sunscreens on windows. All these added costs could have been avoided with a properly sized air conditioning unit. A cooling system that is too small is also more likely to break down from running continuously. Again, this means even more cost to you and your family. A Greenhart technician can determine if your air conditioner is the ideal size for your home.

The age of your air conditioning unit also comes into play when considering an upgrade. If your AC is 10 years old or older, it may be time to replace it with an Energy Star unit. A new unit can actually pay for itself over time by saving you money on utility bills.


Not only is your heater the largest gas appliance in your home, it can also be one of the largest safety hazards. It’s crucial to have a heater that is operating safely and efficiently. Heat can be distributed throughout your home many different ways.


Even if you have the most energy efficient heating and cooling appliances, a poorly functioning duct system can run-up your monthly utility bills. According to Energy Star, 20% - 30% of the air that moves through the duct system is lost due to holes, leaks, and poorly connected ducts. Ductwork is vital. It’s the main provider for all hot and cold air in your home.

Ductwork runs through walls, ceilings, attics, and even basements - places that aren’t always easy for a homeowner to access. In order to ensure your duct system is installed, sealed, and sized properly, a Greenhart professional can perform a test that will locate leaks, making them easy to seal and repair.

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